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Cold Chain

Cinque Terre

We have 25 Covered Vans including 12 Cold Chain Vans which are ensuring on time pick up and delivery to our distinguished customers. Smart Mobile and GPS device facilities belongs to all Covered Vans in order to Tracking the movement of Cargo and Vans time to time and update to our Clients.  

We have following vehicles of our own:

04 nos.at Dhaka Office for smooth Operation and Customer Service--

  1. Reg. No. DHAKA METRO- GA-17-5288
  2. Reg. No. DHAKA METRO- GA-31-9796
  3. Reg. No. DHAKA METRO- GA-39-5280
  4. Reg. No. DHAKA METRO- GA-47-2203
  5. Reg. No. DHAKA METRO- GA-47-2204

02 nos.at Chittagong Office for smooth Operation and Customer Service-

  1.   Reg. No. DHAKA METRO-GA-11-4893
  2.   Reg. No. DHAKA METRO-CHA-53-2546

We have following Pick up vehicles including Reefer van in our own fleet: -

1. Reg. No. DHAKA METRO MA-11-3132              

14. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/SHA-13-2135 (AC)

2. Reg. No. DHAKA METRO MA-11-3210

15. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/SHA-11-1090 (AC)

3. Reg. No. DHAKA METRO MA-11-2343

16. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/SHA-11-2111 (AC)

4. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/AU-11-4531

17. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/U-11-4679

5. Reg. No. DHAKA METRO SHA-11-2870 (AC)

18. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/U-11-4823

6. Reg. No. DHAKA METRO SHA-11-2871 (AC)

19. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/U-11-4824

7. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/SHA-13-1952 (AC)

20. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/U-11-4827

8. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/SHA-13-1967 (AC)

21. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/U-11-4926

9. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/SHA-13-1973 (AC)

22. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/U-11-4927

10. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/SHA-11-3116 (AC)

23. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/U-11-4928

11. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/SHA-11-1927 (AC)

24. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/U-11-4929

12. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/SHA-11-1964 (AC)

25. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/U-11-4930

13. Reg. No. DHAKA/METRO/SHA-11-2015 (AC)


In addition to the above, we have agreement with a transport providing company named Rizwan Transport Agency Ltd. for different types of vehicles on requirement for C&F services.
We are capable to provide any number of vehicles with special escort which will be required by our valued customers after delivery of their consignments from Dhaka airport and Chittagong port to any destination of Bangladesh.

For more information about Transportation, Please contact:-

           Name                Position                   Email            Mobile      Telephone
 Mr. A. H. M. Abdullah    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)       abdullah@badalandco.com    +88 01819 318851    +88 02 44815029    
 Mr. Pinto Ranjan Das      Assistant Manager   pinto@badalandco.com  +88 01829 696478      +88 02 44815029
 Mr. Al Amin  Senior Marketing Executive  md.alamin@badalandco.com     +88 01308 535868  +88 02 44815029