Welcome to Badal® And Company


Cinque Terre

Badal® And Company is dedicated for consolidation in our nominated warehouse about half km from Chittagong port. We have 10,000 square feet space at our warehouse only for consolidation garments. We are also offering extensive transport service to the manufactures.

Badal® And Company helps you by:

  • Customs Clearing and managing all documentation.
  • Planning for all transportation modes, including cross-docking.
  • Crease-less transportation for Medicine, textiles, Leathers and garments—hanging or flat-packed.
  • Label attachment and tracking, including RFID tags.
  • Minimizing cost by logistics management solutions, consolidation and warehousing.
  • We ensure the security of goods reducing the number of handling whatever miles traveled.

What is our Consolidation Procedure:

  1. We follow Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
  2. First we request the Vendors/Suppliers to submit the Booking through online/email.
  3. Based on Vendors/Suppliers Booking, we take approval from the Buyer.
  4. Once we get the approval from the Buyer we inform the same to the Vendor/Supplier, Secure Space with Carriers, inform our Chittagong (CTG) Office Team and confirm the Booking through online/email.
  5. We collect the Shipping Order and based on our Shipping Order the Vendor handover the Cargo at our Chittagong Warehouse.
  6. Once all the Cargoes received, we send the Receiving Report to our Shipping Agent and based on final CBM, we prepare our Stuffing Plan.

In Stuffing Plan we must follow the below Procedures:

  1. Must check the Cartons condition.
  2. To sort out the goods we stack cartons by DC/PO/Style/Item.
  3. To load the Container first we maintain DC/PO/Style/Item and then group the Cargo as per Buyer’s instruction.
  4. Take Snapshot of Empty Container and Cargoes at the time of Stuffing.
  5. Must attach a copy of the Load Plan on the Carton body and Container door. 
  6. In CLP (Container Load Plan) mention the Target MVSL name, Port of Lading, approx. ETD Ctg. Port, Carrier name, Port of Destination, Port of Discharge, ETA Port of  Discharge, Container, Seal , Size, Carrier Booking, Vendor Booking, DC/PO/UPC/Item and item wise Carton number, Vendors/Suppliers name and finally total CBM.
  7. After complete the Stuffing collect the Shipment Advice from the Carrier. 
  8. Based on Carrier’s Shipment Advice we prepare the Shipment Advice and send to the Vendor.
  9. Based on our Shipment Advice Vendor send us Draft OBL and ISF information.
  10. Based on Vendor’s Draft OBL we submit the OBL to the Carrier’s website. After checking the OBL by the Carrier we send  the OBL to the Vendor for final confirmation.
  11. We also prepare the FCR/HBL. 
  12. Based on Vendor’s confirmation we confirm the BL to the Carrier.
  13. Meanwhile we send the Shipment Advice, ISF information and CLP to our Agent.
  14. Based on our information our Agent update the System and File the AMS and ENS.
  15. Send on time pre-alert to all Concerns.
  16. we collect the other related documents from the Vendor/Supplier and release the BL once the FVSL Sailed.

Additional Work:

  1.   Advance Vessel Schedule for Pre-planning. 
  2.   Barcode Scanning.
  3.   Container Survey Report. 
  4.   Inventory Report as per Buyer’s instruction.